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Sergio and Kathleen Scataglini met at Fuller Theological Seminary and were married in 1986. During that time, they decided to found a non-profit corporation that would provide covering for their future ministry. In 1987, they incorporated Scataglini Ministries, Inc., formed a board of directors (which included Dr. Peter and Doris Wagner) and began to meet to send out their first missionaries, Sergio and Kathy, and Forrest and Sara Baird and children to Argentina.

The first project they undertook was Project SOL (School, Orphanage, Leaders) in La Plata, Argentina. During that time, a Chrisitan school (Prince of Peace) was begun, a home (The King's Refuge) for underprivileged children formed, and leadership training done. In conjunction with those beginnings, they also formed a foundation (Fundacion Iniciativa Cristiana Argentina) in Argentina to give the institutions formed legal coverage.

Today they are enjoying the fruit of their labors. The school is functioning with over 400 students, K-12. They held their first high school graduation ceremony in 1997. The home which cares for children under the courts' care, has grown into two homes. One has 21 children up to the age of 12 and the other home has 22 girls, ages 12-20. Both projects are being led by the leaders that were put in place, during those formative years.

In 1990, the Scataglinis moved back to the States and began the ministry of Prayer Partners in Elkhart, Indiana. Its main purpose was to unite Christians in prayer for revival. They held monthly meetings at a local hotel with around 200 participants from over 40 denominations to pray for revival. Sergio also began doing radio spots called "Moments of Prayer" which aired for over 2 years on Christian radio.

In 1994, the Scataglinis felt led to return to Argentina, but this time to help to pastor the church in La Plata of which Sergio's father was Senior Pastor at the time. In 1996, Sergio was named Senior Pastor of the congregation. It is a cell church with close to 1,400 attendees in 1998 (1,200 in cell groups).

In the month of May 1997, he received a "baptism of fire". God has stamped on his heart a passion for holiness. For years he had been receiving prophetic words stating that he was going to the nations. Since he received the baptism of fire, and a specific message from God to the church today, he has been traveling and ministering in many nations of the world. He has been ministering in the United States, Europe, Latin America and the Far East.

After pastoring for six years in Argentina, Sergio resigned as Senior Pastor in La Plata and was sent out as Missionary-Pastor to fulfill his call to the nations.

A distincitive of this ministry is that God is using it to impart the same to others. In many places, as he ministers, over 90% of the people come forward to receive this baptism of fire which brings holiness and passion for the lost. Sergio also ministers healing to many wounded hearts. His book about his experience and the fire of God has been published by Regal Books.

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