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Enseignemoi.com, a Francophone Christian website, has experienced phenomenal growth since it's inception in 2005. In fact, it's now one of the two most popular, most visited Christian websites in the French-speaking world!



Graph: The Enseignemoi.com and it's YouTube channel has increased it's number of views by 487 times!

In only five years, Enseignemoi.com and it's Youtube channel has multiplied it's views by an amazing 487 times! In 2017 alone, the website attained beyond 41 million views! To God be the glory for this astronomical increase!

Thanks to the incredible and faithful support of our international partners, the EMCI Televison Channel was launched on December 17, 2017. This landmark was the fulfillment of that which had been promised during our last fundraiser a couple of years back. Today, we earnestly believe the impact of this channel must continue to increase and soar to even higher levels so that many more lives can be transformed.

Today, EMCI TV has the opportunity to expand it's broadcasting signal in Africa and in France through the Canal + Africa network, the Freebox network as well as the EutelSat satellite. This will enable us to reach multiplied millions of new viewers!


Did you know that Africa represents 55% of the French-speaking population today, that population being dispersed throughout 31 countries? Did you know that that number will reach 85% by 2050? That being said, very few Africans actually have access to a fast internet connection. The good news is that most have access to television, including satellite television! Consequently, several million viewers could be reached through our television in 2018! EMCI TV also wants to expand it's distribution in France by being present on Freebox, a network which has millions of subscribers. Negotiations with the leading television operator in France are also currently underway.

With two satellites (Canal + Africa and EutelSat 16a), EMCI TV will be broadcasting throughout sub-Saharan Africa, including Madagascar and the Indian Ocean. Talks are already in the works with the different suppliers. (Incidentally, other broadcasting contracts are in the works and will be disclosed shortly.)

Since EMCI TV's goal and vision is to reach as many Francophones as humanly possible, we're so thankful for our partners generosity. Thanks to the donations of persons just like you, EMCI TV will be enabled to expand it's global outreach by being present on an increasing number of channels and networks.

As you may imagine, broadcasting live 24/7, via all available media platforms (phones, tablets, computers, Apple TV, Roku) also implies streaming costs which increase as the number of viewers increases. Few actually realise that the monthly cost of broadcasting, streaming and producing television programing are very high, but absolutely essential if we want to reach the world's great francophone population.

In recent months, we noticed that there would a specific peak in our streaming whenever we'd broadcast a movie on Saturday nights. As you can well imagine, good quality movies of faith are an excellent means of conveying the gospel, but such content comes with a cost.

As you probably also know, the production of movies or television series are very costly. Like any other television channel that wants to operate legally, EMCI TV must also pay the broadcasting rights. In 2018 alone, EMCI TV will need to invest approximately 250 000 euros just to finance the broadcasting rights for our children's cartoons and a weekly films!

EMCI TV has stretched every dollar for years, optimizing every available resource. Now, in order for us to increase our production and media outreach, additional staff will need to come on board. Of course, as was the case in previous years, EMCI TV will continue to welcome men and women who graciously volunteer their time for this work, but we realise that we cannot depend exclusively on such individuals. Talented production, post-production and content management teams will need to hired in the upcoming season.

Thanks also to the loyal and consistent support of our many donors, EMCI TV has been able to respect it's growing operating budget, driven by soaring views, over the last five years.

The Lord has always provided the finances for the increasing needs of the channel. He's sent new donors throughout the international Francophone community! Their generosity enabled EMCI TV to officially become a Christian TV channel on December 17, 2017.


This year's annual budget is approximately 2 million euros (about 3 million Canadian dollars). The goal of this year's fundraising campaign is to finance our annual budget, a layed-out strategic vision enabling us to take a significant step forward and increasing our international presence.


In closing, would you prayerfully consider becoming a visionary and partner with us? We're confident that your seeds will be wisely used for the Lord's glory, impacting lives for eternity!


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